Daily Tips

Daily Tech Tidbits #4

Each day, whilst the school is closed, I have been sending daily tips and advice to our staff to support with their online learning provision. Sometimes it is in response to common questions, and sometimes it is just great tips and tools. I’ve decided to share them in light of the ongoing global impact of Covid-19.

More help for Google Classroom:

There are still a lot of teachers posting in the stream and not creating assignments. We’ve now had feedback from various parents (and some students) about the presentation of the home learning. Also as mentioned on Friday, the benefits FAR outweigh any reason for just posting into a stream (which only really exists for discussion and announcements). If you still are unsure about how to use classwork in Classroom, please watch this video. (And please don’t have the ‘well this is how we’ve always done it’ excuse)


Whilst we are seeing increasing student engagement, there are still some that have not started their work. Equally, there are some that have not accessed the work as well as others and this perhaps because it being too challenging for them (and their parents ☺). Remember that in Google Classroom and Seesaw there is no expectation that everyone has to have the same work. One great way to help differentiate is to choose not to ‘assign to all students’ and assign either different versions of the same activity to differing groups or just simply miss students out so they aren’t overwhelmed when they start their home learning. You can easily add them in to any assignment at a later time if you wish. (watch the video above for more info)


Thanks for keeping in touch with us for any problems you have, and for all of you who have shared some great home learning ideas and positive stories with us. We are delighted to be able to support you and at the same time show you some wonderful tech, please do check the slides we have provided for you as well to help with accessing certain apps.

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